1. Legislative Houses (Powers & Privileges) Act, 2018.

The Legislative Houses Power and privileges Act grant the Legislative Houses: National Assembly and States Houses of Assembly Immunity from Litigation for actions taken in plenary or committee proceedings of the House or committee. It strengthens the power of the Legislators to carry out their legislative functions.

The powers include powers to summon any person to appear before her, give evidence, including power of an officer of the legislative House to arrest any person who commits an offence against the Act.

2. National Institute of Legislative Studies (Amendment) Act, 2018.

The National Institute for Legislative Studies (Amendment) Act, 2018 amends the 2011 Act establishing the Institute and widens her Powers to include powers to provide training Courses and Award Degrees on Democracy, Party Politics, Electoral Process, Legislative Practice and procedures, among others.

3. Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreement Between the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Kingdom of Spain (Domestication and Enforcement) Act, 2018.

Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreement between the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Kingdom of Spain (Domestication and Enforcement) Act, 2018.  The Act is aims at eliminating double taxation following the provisions of the International Legislation of the contracting states and shall apply to persons who are resident of one or both contracting states.

4. National Senior Citizens’ Centre Act, 2018.

The President also assented to the National Senior Citizens’ Centre Bill 2017. This Act establishes the National Senior Citizens’ Centre in the country to cater for the needs of the senior citizens.  The functions of the National Centre shall among others include:

  1. Identify the needs, trainings and opportunities of Senior Citizens in the County and be responsible for the Provision of recreation, sports, education, health and social programmes and facilities designed for the full enjoyment and benefit of the senior citizens in the country as well as provide guidance and counseling for senior citizens.
  2. Initiate, develop and implement productive activities and work schemes for senior citizens to provide income or otherwise supplement their earnings.
  3. Promote and maintain linkages with states and local governments and other instrumentalities of government for the delivery of healthcare services facilities, professional advice services and training.

5. Railway Loan (International Bank) (Repeal) Act, 2018.

These Acts were also assented to by Mr. President and have been remitted to the appropriate authorities of state for further perfecting processes for Acts assented to.

6. Chartered Institute of Local Government and Public Administration Act, 2018.

The chartered Institute of Local Government and Public Administration Act, 2018. The act aims at ensuring professionalism in the system and has the following functions:

  1. Determining the standards of Knowledge and skills attained by persons seeking to become members of the Institute and improve those standards from time to time
  2. Secure a register of members of the Institute
  3. Promote research and development of curricula of training of local government employees and public administrators.
  4. Provide consultancy services in appropriate cases.

7. Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service (Establishment) Act, 2018

The Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service (Establishment) Act, 2018 established for the purposes of preventing the entry, establishment and spread of foreign pests and diseases of plant, animal and aquatic resources and products into the country and to promote sanitary and phytosanitary measures as it relates to import and export of agricultural products with a view to minimizing the risk to agriculture food safety and environment.

8. The Chartered Institute of Project Managers of Nigeria (Establishment) Act, 2018.

This Act was also assented by the President.


Senator (Dr.) Ita Enang
SSA to the President on National Assembly Matters – Senate
26 January 2018.