I am delighted to perform the virtual commissioning of the 1.5megawatt Solar project that serves the 4 blocks of offices housing the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing on one hand and the Federal Ministry of Environment on the other hand, in the Mabushi Area of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

This is a project that delivers on so many of our commitments at local and international levels.

For many years and indeed decades, our pursuit of electrical energy solutions have followed a single track of on-grid power, until recently, when off-grid power became a focal policy pursuit of this Administration.

The impact of that policy shift is that access to small scale and off-grid electricity is increasingly becoming available to Nigerians in marketplaces, universities, and business premises as is the case with other parts of the world; and it is therefore pleasing that Government is also taking its own medicine, by building its own off-grid power. This is a worthy option for other Agencies of Government to consider.

In addition to policy implementation, this project enables Nigeria fulfill commitments made with other leading countries of the world under the Paris Climate Change Agreement, which I signed on behalf of Nigeria.

At the heart of that Agreement is a global resolve to reduce carbon emissions by committing to the use of renewable sources of energy.

This 1.5megawatt solar farm which I am told is the largest solar project for a public building in Africa, will enable us reduce carbon emissions, and it is something to be proud of that we are contributing to saving this planet for future generation.

Another reason why I am pleased about this project is the impact of reliable energy on the ability of our public servants housed in these buildings to efficiently discharge their responsibilities to the members of the public.

As critical enablers of the private sector, the improved efficiency in public service delivery can only be expected to translate to an improvement in the ease of doing business, which is a major objective of our economic plans to grow the Nigerian economy and create jobs.

I want to reassure you of this administration’s commitment towards promoting energy efficiency and ensuring energy security to all Nigerians. We have just embarked upon the competitive procurement of up to 150 Mega Watts of Solar power along the Maiduguri axis to help address the issue of electricity supply along that axis, while enhancing grid stability through the provision of clean renewable energy.

I commend the Honourabe Ministers and staff of the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing and their Contractor for the successful delivery of this project which hopefully is just the first of many more to be delivered across Nigeria in the public and private sectors.

It is now my pleasure to commission this project for improved service delivery, and economic development.

Thank you and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.