President Bola Tinubu, on Wednesday in Abuja, inaugurated the National Assembly Library and Resource Centre, which is named in his honour.

Before the inauguration of the library, the President had briefly attended a commemorative sitting of the National Assembly, where he made extemporaneous remarks.

President Tinubu, who had signed the National Anthem Bill, 2024, into law at the Presidential Villa earlier on Wednesday, said he was at the National Assembly as a mark of respect, and to congratulate the legislators and Nigerians on the 25th anniversary of Nigeria’s unbroken democracy.

He extended his gratitude to the lawmakers and acknowledged the efforts and sacrifices made to build and sustain the country’s democratic institutions.

“Our friends, old and new, to every Nigerian I say congratulations on 25 years of unbroken democracy. Out of respect, I have come to say thank you very much for building up this institution to this level. You are the foremost leaders who speak for our people and have been at the forefront of this struggle,” President Tinubu said.

Highlighting the significance of the National Assembly, President Tinubu referred to it as a “hallowed chamber” that embodies the nation’s consciousness for freedom and solidarity.

“You sang out the latest national anthem, ‘Nigeria we hail thee’. This is our diversity, representing all people and how we pledge together to be brothers and sisters. 

“Without this House, I probably would not have found a path to the presidency, I started it all from here. That is why I have given that respect to you this morning to continue to collaborate with you to build our country together. We have no other choice. No other institution or personality will help us, except we do it ourselves for ourselves. 

“No amount of aid from foreign countries can help us. Let us work together to build our nation, charting a new path,” the President stated.

President Tinubu also emphasized the need to preserve and strengthen democracy for future generations. 

“We must nurture our democracy so that our children and great grandchildren will be assured of prosperity, progress, and development,” the President concluded.

In his remarks, Senate President Godswill Akpabio said the President’s visit was out of respect for the National Assembly. 

”Before you arrived, Mr. President, the Speaker and I had explained to the lawmakers that this visit is what is called ‘waka pass’ in Nollywood.   

”You intend to celebrate Democracy Day on June 12, but out of honour and respect for the National Assembly you said you must pass through the National Assembly on your first anniversary,” the Senate President said.

On Nigeria reverting to the old national anthem, Akpabio commended the President for taking the nation back to its roots stating: ‘‘Though we may belong to different tribes, though we have different tongues, in brotherhood we stand.’’ 

”There is no more fitting place to take us back to our genealogy other than the National Assembly, which is made up of patriotic and elected citizens of Nigeria. The voice of the National Assembly is the voice of Nigeria, so we welcome you,” the Senate President added.


Chief Ajuri Ngelale 

Special Adviser to the President 

(Media & Publicity)

May 29, 2024