Vice President Yemi Osinbajo Attends Workshop for Justice and Judges in Abuja

The vice president attended a joint summit between National Justice Institute and Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) today in Abuja.

The Summit was themed: “Emerging Trends in Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Financial Crimes.”

At the summit, The VP gave his opening remarks to open the 2-day Capacity Building Workshop for Justices and Judges. He informed attendees that the country is taking a new stance towards fighting corruption.

He said, “We are re-jigging the entire system; the Chief Justice of the Federation has laid down the rules and he has encouraged everyone to follow suit.”

“There is no question at all that this is the time for us to open a new page in the entire anti-corruption fight.’’

“this is a collaborative venture of all, and the executive, judiciary and legislature must see this as a fight for the soul of our nation.’’

He admonished that investigations follow due process and not through the media so that the country can truly boast of an effective judicial system.

He added, “Most of the countries that have successfully dealt with corruption have had to dispense with needless technicality and focused on the offence.”

“In the case of public officers, they recognise that there can be no real explanation for a public officer whose pay is public knowledge to have cash and assets several times more than his earnings, let alone his savings.”

“If somebody earns more than what he should possibly even save in several lifetimes, freeing him technically can never make sense, it will always seem that something has gone wrong with the system,’’ he said.