Reports circulating by the Africa Independent Television (AIT) that the yams exported abroad to UK and USA were rejected due to being rotten are false.

According to Mr. Michael Adedipe of ADES UK Foods and Drinks and Mr Yandev Amaabai of Wan Nyikwagh Farms Nigeria Limited, they refuted the reports, noting that the reports were false and misleading, adding that the yams were not rejected.

Mr. Adedipe, whose warehouse AIT visited, was shocked by the reports and noted that that the media house had completely fazed out the positive aspects of the project while overstating the negatives.

He explained that, “We that decided to venture in this project are aware of the risks involved because, with fresh produce … we’ll expect five to 10 per cent damages. I don’t know why they said the product got rejected. I’ve sent my release note. I’ve sent video of loading. I’ve sent every documentation to say that there is no issue like that at all.” Full details HERE