Provisional Quarantine Protocol for Air Travellers to Nigeria
Visit the Nigeria International Travel Portal
PTF Mid Term Report
PTF List of Local Manufacturers
National Pandemic Response Plan
Donations Guidelines for COVID-19 Response
Revised Protocol for evacuation of Nigerians stranded abroad and returnees/persons arriving in Nigeria from any country
General Information for Persons arriving in Nigeria from any country (including returnees/stranded Nigerians)
Agreement/Declaration to comply with Self-Isolation/Quarantine Requirements
Checklist to audit the S-I-N Approach for Covid-19 at Health Facilities
Terms of Reference for IPC Committee at State and Facility Level
Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) Training Workshop – Agenda
IPC Training Workshop – Pretest
IPC Training Workshop – Attendance Sheet
IPC Training Workshop – Participant Evaluation Document
IPC Training Workshop – Template for Reporting Trainings
IPC Training Workshop – Post-test
NCDC Guidelines and Advisories