Allocation and Distribution of Palliatives by Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development (FMHDS)
Updated Implementation Guideline for Eased Lockdown: Phase Three
PTF Mid-Term Report (MTR)
Provisional Quarantine Protocol for Air Travellers to Nigeria
Visit the Nigeria International Travel Portal
National Pandemic Multi-Sectoral Response Plan
PTF List of Local Manufacturers
National Pandemic Response Plan
Donations Guidelines for COVID-19 Response
Revised Protocol for evacuation of Nigerians stranded abroad and returnees/persons arriving in Nigeria from any country
General Information for Persons arriving in Nigeria from any country (including returnees/stranded Nigerians)
Agreement/Declaration to comply with Self-Isolation/Quarantine Requirements
Checklist to audit the S-I-N Approach for Covid-19 at Health Facilities
Terms of Reference for IPC Committee at State and Facility Level
Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) Training Workshop – Agenda
IPC Training Workshop – Pretest
IPC Training Workshop – Attendance Sheet
IPC Training Workshop – Participant Evaluation Document
IPC Training Workshop – Template for Reporting Trainings
IPC Training Workshop – Post-test
NCDC Guidelines and Advisories